'US self-interest': Poll shows overwhelming majority of Germans against new Russian Federation sanctions

USA president Donald Trump is expected to sign a Bill tightening and extending sanctions on Russia for its undeclared war against Ukraine and alleged meddling in last year's United States election, and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin reacted by ordering 755 U.S. diplomats and other staff to stop work in his country. "Sanctions policies are neither a suitable nor an appropriate instrument for promoting national export interests and the domestic energy sector", Gabriel said last week.

The measuresl appears to target Russia's Nord Stream-2 pipeline that will deliver natural gas from Russian Federation to Germany.

The minister said Germany wanted to avoid a trade war between Europe and the US.

In a separate report, The Local noted that Germany had repeatedly asked Washington not to deviate from the common western sanctions policy against Russian Federation. Europe is "ready, to take short-term retaliatory measures - including in other areas", Zypries said.

Several European nations, but particularly Germany, have been concerned with the wording of the latest USA sanctions, which intend to target foreign investment in Russia's energy industry.

Because the new sanctions are coupled with provisions encouraging European countries to consider purchasing liquefied natural gas from the United States rather than continuing to rely on Russia, German leaders say it appears aimed at promoting the United States as much as punishing Russia.

"Unfortunately, that is exactly what they are doing". But it is important the European Commission now looks into countermeasures. "We will protect ourselves from the industrial policy under the motto "America Above All" pursued under the pretext of sanctions", he stressed.

Volker Treier, head of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce's worldwide committee, said last week, "One is left with the sense that the United States is looking to its own economic interests".

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned last week that Germany will not tolerate sanctions against European companies involved in the Nord Stream project.

Commenting on Germany's readiness to discuss the new anti-Russian sanctions with US President Donald Trump, a Russian political analyst told Sputnik that such talks could become a new stage in the situation with the sanctions.

  • Rogelio Becker