Chinese media warns of armed action over Doklam impasse

"We will continue to engage with the Chinese side through diplomatic channels to find a mutually acceptable solution based on the Astana consensus of our leaders".

China's Foreign Ministry has accused India of building up troops and repairing roads at a military stand-off alongside its border in the Himalayan region. "If India refuses to withdraw, China may conduct a small-scale military operation within two weeks", said Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. It said India's recklessness had "shocked" the Chinese.

The paper further reports that the Indian military now has around 8,500 servicemen deployed on its side of the border just outside the disputed area.

Foreign ministry spokesperson GengShuang said Wednesday that China released the document to "lay out the facts of the illegal trespass of Indian border troops to the global community and give a full account of the position of the Chinese government", the Xinhua News Agency reported. At the same time, China has once said in a threatening tone that India should not test its patience on the Doklam dispute because there is also a limit to patience. "This is by no means for peace", Geng said.

"The Indian side should give up the illusion of its delaying tactics as no country should underestimate Chinese forces' confidence and capability to safeguard peace and their resolve and willpower to defend national sovereignty, security and development interests", Ren Guoqiang, a spokesman for the ministry was quoted as saying.

Minister of External Affairs (MEA) Sushma Swaraj on Thursday said in the Rajya Sabha that India has taken efforts to ease the standoff with China. A Chinese foreign ministry statement on Thursday puts emphasis that Beijing and Thimphu conducted joint surveys in the border area and have reached a "basic consensus on the actual state of the border area and the alignment of their boundary".

Global Times said India has challenged a country much more powerful than her.

The editorial, known for its hard hitting stance on India, said, "The Indian government's move is irresponsible to regional security and is gambling against India's destiny and its people's well-being".

And, now - in August - China's state media has said that Chinese PLA can "annihilate" Indian Army if war breaks out between the two nuclear-armed Asian neighbours.

Earlier, China had emphatically rejected India's interference in its ongoing boundary dispute with Bhutan in the Doklam area and again urged New Delhi to withdraw unconditionally and end the almost two-month long stand-off. "The PLA did not strike in the past month when Indian troops savagely trespassed into Chinese territory".

On Friday, its defence ministry spokesperson again warned India that the People's Liberation Army's restraint has its bottomline and goodwill has its principles.

  • Rogelio Becker