BUYER BEWARE: Doctors warn of fake eclipse glasses

21, the entire North American continent will experience a solar eclipse as the moon passes between the Earth and sun. We're probably going through maybe a 100 an hour.

Order your solar eclipse glasses as soon as possible because Americans across the country are stocking up before the eclipse.

Churches from OR to SC are preparing to preach to people who are expected to flock to 14 states to witness the total solar eclipse on August 21.

"We're thrilled. We'll be following NASA's live feed all day on our viewing room big screen. You need to know that the product comes from a reputable manufacturer or one of their authorized dealers".

Download a solar eclipse app. Ms. MacTavish recommends downloading an app called Solar Eclipse Timer, available through the AppStore or Google Play for $1.99. "It'll allow only one thousand of one percent transmission", Koenig said. "It goes right across the U.S".

"These kits will be filled with ramen noodles and Pop Tarts, as well as the book of John and some other Gospel-oriented things", said Hope City pastor Logan Merrick, according to Baptist Press.

"At night, think of how long it takes to get dark".

Because of the curvature of the earth, the eclipse's duration will vary along the path, from two minutes on the OR coast to two minutes, 41 seconds in southern IL.

Just click on your city or neighborhood when you've zoomed in. "The good news is that many teachers are planning exciting ways to educate kids about the eclipse during the first few weeks of school".

When the eclipse finally happens, people would notice a sudden shift in nature and animal behavior. There is also a rare hybrid that is a combination of an annular and a total eclipse.

The first total solar eclipse visible from the US mainland since 1979, and the first where totality will sweep across the continent in 99 years, the upcoming eclipse is causing quite a stir. During this time, bright stars can be seen and planets like Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Monday through Thursday the 6 p.m. program will be followed by a 15 minute talk/question and answer session presented by Dr. Thomas Pannuti, professor of astrophysics and space science.

Eric Hamilton, a UW-Madison science writer, said he was surprised by how many attendees at Madison eclipse talks so far indicated that they planned to travel for a better view of the astronomical event. You can get your own pair of eclipse safe-viewing glasses at the planetarium weekdays from 7:30 4 p.m. Only properly designed and certified solar filters should be used for direct viewing of the sun's disk. Can I stare at the sun during the eclipse? No.

Astronomers Without Borders,, Eclipse,, and Bill Nye's The Planetary Society. But these take-your-breath-away eclipses usually occur in the middle of the ocean somewhere, though, or near the sparsely populated top or bottom of the world. Practically speaking the moon creates a shadow on the Earth.

"On August 21, a solar eclipse will obscure the sunlight needed to generate electricity at approximately 1,900 utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants in the United States", the EIA said.

"In Earth's sky, the moon and the sun appear to be the same size", she said.

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