Usher's Accuser Wrote 'I Need Some Money' on Facebook Before News Conference

Sharpton said that she celebrated her 19th birthday at an Usher concert, and was selected to go backstage. "Later a security guard picked me up and asked me for my number", she said.

Usher is being sued by three people who accuse the singer of failing to tell them he had herpes before engaging in sexual intercourse.

The suit is based on recent news reports that the singer paid a celebrity stylist $1.1 million in 2012 to settle a lawsuit in which she claimed to have contracted herpes from the eight-time Grammy victor.

Sharpton says she's negative for herpes but still feels violated.

The attorney plans to file lawsuits on behalf of the trio of accusers in a California court on Monday and claims she has been contacted by others considering legal action against the musician. She says 1 of the remaining clients - either the man or woman - has tested positive for herpes.

Now, since Raymond has not publicly denied these claims, the new lawsuit states the singer has caused distress to Sharpton and the other plaintiffs - whether or not he actually transmitted herpes to them. One of the women has agreed to publicly disclose his identity, even participating in a press conference which was filmed by the press this Monday morning.

"No one in America, not even a popular celebrity, is above the law", Bloom said.

Entangled in a sex scandal unflattering, Usher is targeted by three new lawsuits. One accuser claims to have contracted the virus, while the other two say they were exposed. We spoke for a while, and then we engaged in sexual contact.

The three plaintiffs claim they had unprotected sex, or oral sex, with Usher because he is a "revered celebrity in their eyes who they believed could be loved and trusted".

After the show she said she received a call from the star and they arranged to meet at her hotel room.

Neither Usher nor anyone else should be shamed or stigmatized for having herpes, but it's important that the truth about his diagnosis be ascertained, Bloom said. I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease.

She said: "I had a child a year ago, and I knew I was negative".

Bloom said the encounters in the lawsuit occurred after an alleged 2012 settlement, reported on by RadarOnline in July.

Usher's rep has declined to comment on the allegations.

  • Kyle Peterson