Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announce separation

Yesterday, word broke outthat Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World star Chris Pratt was legally separating from his Hollywood wife, Anna Faris, breaking the hearts of the fans who loved the couple for their dedication towards each other.

In a statement they said: "It is with great love, respect and friendship that we have chose to take some time apart while we determine the future of our relationship".

The couple, who met in 2007 while filming the romantic comedy Take Me Home Tonight, said attempts to save their relationship had failed. They have one son, Jack, born in 2012. We never anxious about Chris Pratt and Anna Faris because not only did they seem deeply in love but they also looked like they actually liked each other.

In addition to opening up about her marriage to Pratt, the rest of the book highlights the blond beauty's relationship failures and successes and touches on topics similar to her Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast discussions.

The news comes as a shock to many who felt The Emoji Movie actress and Guardians of the Galaxy star were ideal for each other and still head-over-heels in love. Chris loves to work in the garage and I love to do laundry and watch reality television. As far as we know, J-Law and Chris Pratt are co-stars and possibly mates. She ended up divorcing her then-husband, Ben Indra, and began dating Chris.

Sure, we adored Anna Faris and Chris Pratt from afar, just like we worshipped Brad and Ange.

The split, which was reportedly over differences in what they wanted for their family's future, seemed especially shocking because Faris had recently talked about Pratt's romantic gestures. "The divide became too great", she said at the time.

Sources have revealed to TMZ that Faris was seeking a more traditional route when it comes to having more children. "He never wanted her to have a reason to worry". "I think it's something you have to manage", he told the magazine. They posted almost identical statements on Faris' Twitter and Pratt's Facebook. She said, "Of course I'm going to feel vulnerable, like any normal human would".

  • Kyle Peterson