Knockdown or not? Malignaggi goes down in McGregor sparring

Of course, the video clips only show a small part of the 12 rounds that McGregor spent in the ring with Malignaggi, but the UFC champion had plenty to say in response to his former sparring partner on Friday. We were anxious about him.

It was three months ago when Mark Kriegel, an accomplished boxing author whose works include "The Good Son: The Life of Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini", predicted to me how the buildup to a Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight would eventually turn.

Come August 26 and the world will witness the most expensive fight in boxing history.

He said that the McGregor camp has requested an worldwide judge and they will see if they think that's fair, and take it into consideration.

And Malignaggi, who hung up his gloves in March, isn't ruling out the possibility of stepping inside the ring with Ireland's first UFC belt holder. McGregor said Malignaggi leaving his camp. Straight after it we were anxious.

The footage was posted on White's Instagram account showing McGregor outclassing and flooring the former champion boxer. Tickets at Costco. We don't have anything to do with that, that's Ticketmaster, but is it a bad thing? "The man was badly, badly concussed".

"He was looking for an exit", McGregor said of Malignaggi's decision to quit his camp after the Irishman's camp released a photo of their sparring session. "And then the train just kind of rolls with it and it keeps picking up steam as the predictions keep coming true", he said. "I haven't experienced this in over three years on the job".

"I had my people reach out to the guy and we're booking him a flight, him plus one".

It seems like one image sent him over the image, where Malignaggi was on the canvas and he continually denied that he was knocked down, instead claiming that the UFC lightweight champion pushed him and wanted the UFC to release unedited footage.

"He tried his best, but he got his ass whupped", McGregor said. With the Van Heerden situation, like maybe he didn't know how the ethics work in boxing, maybe he still had to learn, or now that he has learned, everything will be okay.

  • Stacy Allen