McMaster Repeatedly Refuses to Say if He Can Work With Bannon

That's what former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci had to say about how President Trump handled his response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday.

Scaramucci spoke to ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on ABC News' "This Week" today in his first television interview since his whirlwind 11-day stint in the White House.

"It could be an America of yesteryear", said Scaramucci, again seemingly unaware of Breitbart News' coverage from Charlottesville. "I think [Trump] needed to be much harsher as it related to white supremacists".

During the interview Sunday, McMaster also said aide Sebastian Gorka is not a member of the national security council.

Former White House media chief Anthony Scaramucci. "This hate and division must stop, and it must stop now". "If the president really wants to execute that legislative agenda that I think is so promising for the American people, the lower-middle class people and the middle class people, then he has to move away from that sort of Bannon-bart nonsense".

Mr Scaramucci criticised the influence of Mr Bannon and his right-wing Breitbart News website, suggesting the President needed to move more toward the mainstream and moderates in order to push through "a very successful legislative agenda".

"I think the president knows what he's going to do with Steve Bannon", Scaramucci told host George Stephanopoulos. Though the interview and subsequent Facebook live Q&A were full of his usual Trump ass-kissing, The Mooch pointedly insisted that the president take a firm stand against racism.

Trump fielded bipartisan criticism on Saturday when he suggested that "many sides" were to blame for the violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, which ended in a auto plowing into a group of described "anti-racist" protesters - killing one person and injuring 19 others. Republicans and Democrats immediately criticized Trump's lackluster condemnation. "The president has a very good idea of the people who are undermining his agenda, that are serving their own interests", Scaramucci added.

Though he thinks that the alt-right has "beneficial" elements, The Mooch is still no fan of Steve Bannon.

White House Senior Adviser Steve Bannon attends a round table discussion held by U.S. President Donald Trump in MI on March 15. "He called for national unity and bringing all Americans together".

On July 22nd, Scaramucci appeared on the Breitbart News Saturday radio show, declaring: "I think that one of the things that Breitbart has done has captured the spirit of what is actually going on in this country".

One source said rumors of Bannon's demise have been exaggerated in the past, but that there are serious conversations happening now about whether there is a place for him in the administration going forward.

  • Rogelio Becker