CT squad stays undefeated in Little League World Series

New Jersey experienced a championship when Toms River captured the 1998 World Series with a victory over Japan in the title game.

At 7 p.m., the Cardinals versus Pirates game will play on the Jumbo screen at Mid-Town Plaza. The team produced a flawless 18-0 record on its road to the World Series. A two-game suspension for that coach is no big deal.

Actually, he has experienced it before. "I hope 20 years from now, they all have a reunion and bring their wives and kids to celebrate this anniversary".

This tournament is Americana in a fishbowl, a whirlwind summer camp, wrapped around a baseball tournament, turned into a TV reality show, with the feel of a major national sporting event.

The experience has also given the boys a small taste of fame. And the opportunity to meet fellow elite baseball players from around the world.

"They're going to go off". They are like rock stars there. "They are just living it up, eating snacks and drinking Gatorade on the bus". It's overwhelming for 12 years old. "But all of the kids are willing to talk, want to hang out". "The vibe that's here now, that was here Saturday night, it couldn't be any better".

Why does Grosse Pointe keep getting Little League teams to the World Series? "Its a dream from all baseball players our age". "If you look back at our (regional) tournament, we didn't rely on the home run".

"They're sending me a shirt with "Toddfather" on the back, so I'm excited about that", Frazier revealed Monday in the Yankees clubhouse.

As for whether or not this kind of attention can go to the heads of young players, I think today's Little League players are a lot more savvy than those from a generation ago.

The 16 teams from around the world competing in the series rode floats in the parade and they were joined by marching bands, colorful characters and of course, several other Little League teams from around Pennsylvania. We knew we had a good group. We had to get on the bus at 7 in the morning [on August 13].

Those players are in Lycoming County right now at Lamade stadium and Volunteer Stadium in south Williamsport. "It's just cool that everyone can be here", Logan Boom, an outfielder for Sioux Falls Little League, said. "Those two kids are starters and key players".

  • Rogelio Becker