Police Officers Shot, 1 Killed, in Florida and Pennsylvania Last Night

O'Dell said the department receives many calls to the area the officers were shot.

"Officer Howard and Officer Baxter were shot when they responded to a call..."

"These are beloved fathers and husbands and sons".

Howard remains in the hospital in "grave critical condition", officials said.

In a press conference, O'Dell said the police officers were conducting a "consensual encounter to get out and check" at the time of the shooting. He believes there was only one shooter.

O'Dell said they do not anticipate any other arrests or charges. "Within minutes, gunfire erupted, surprising the officers, who were not able to return fire", according to Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O'Dell. Howard, his sergeant, responded as backup, the police chief said.

Mr Trump, a staunch supporter of USA law enforcement, tweeted early on Saturday. "We are with you!"

Officer Howard left is in critical condition. Officer Baxter right was killed
Officer Howard left is in critical condition. Officer Baxter right was killed

"Praying for these officers who were shot tonight", Gov. Rick Scott tweeted afterwards.

'Tonight we lost a courageous officer - Matthew Baxter.

"Sending out prayers", tweeted Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

KPD reporting two officers shot in the area of palmway and cypress. The other trooper was shot in the abdomen and is in serious condition but expected to recover. Gunfire was heard from outside the property as officers arrived, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Director of Patrol and Enforcement Mike Bruno told NBC News. The officers then entered the residence. The names of the other suspects and officers were not yet released. During the exchange, one sheriff's deputy was shot once in both his right and left hand. Abourt Jacksonville, he composed he was "supplicating" for the officers.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office wrote that one of the officers was in critical condition and one was in stable condition in local hospitals.

Hundreds of miles away in western Pennsylvania, two Pennsylvania State Police troopers were shot in Fairchance on Friday night.

It was revealed that the suspect is deceased, Pennsylvania State Police spokeswoman Melinda Bondarenka told the site. "The injuries suffered by this officer are not life-threatening".

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