New Star Wars: Battlefront II, Starfighter Assault gameplay trailer!

Other than the new gameplay trailer, we'll be able to see more of this new mode very soon.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2's story will feature a new cast of characters, who would side with the Empire. Considering EA's history of monetizing every aspect of their games and the lengths they have gone to in the past to maximise their profits on the smallest of content (The Sims 2 stuff packs anyone), the last thing anyone would have expected was Star Wars: Battlefront II.

What's awesome about this trailer is how it seamlessly moves between the various settings and eras of Star Wars by following some ships as they move from one era into the next.

The trailer features the Starfighter Assault multiplayer mode, that will put players at the control of the powerful fighters of the series like X-Wing, TIE Fighters and more. However, we can also play through the prequel era and the new generation of Star Wars films, which is also cool.

Also, Yoda as a fighter pilot?

It's pretty intense, and the starfighter assault gameplay looks phenomenal, giving fans battles that would never be possible in Star Wars movies or TV shows.

Let's hope this game doesn't disappoint. You can check that our during an EA livestream happening on Monday, August 21 at 12:30pm ET at EA's official site.

Star Wars: Battlefront II drops on November 17th and with it is what seems to be a much better take on the space battles, or wars that happen in the stars, than its predecessor.

  • Kyle Peterson