Final Fantasy XV - Pocket Edition coming to mobile devices later this year

While it's possible that this could end up being a different game entirely for the Switch, it would be great if they could manage to bring the main game to the console.

Another announcement was Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition which is something we're not entirely sure anyone was asking for. It features simpler controls and a chibi aesthetic, but it seems that, at least in terms of story, it will encompass the entire game. This question is usually followed by inevitable disappointment in the case of AAA games and major franchises, but a combination of a reveal trailer and a hint from Hajime Tabata at Gamescom 2017 this morning indicate that Final Fantasy XV, at any rate, may get at least some connection to the Switch. The development team still hasn't managed to get its full modding policy finished, and we still don't know whether mod support will come after the release of the game, however this is something that Tabata really wants to do. "It sounds a little bit like you guys - your name, Twitch - I think we'll just leave it there". The game is divided up into ten separate episodes, with the first one being free to download. Square Enix walked out and announced that they will be bringing on one of the most played, loved and critically acclaimed games on the consoles of 2017 to the PC in early 2018. This version of the game will also include all Season Pass and free update content already released for the console version, with the addition of a new optional first-person mode for a more immersive player experience.

  • Joey Payne