Nintendo Shows Off SNES Classic in Retro '90s Ad

Nintendo Shows Off SNES Classic in Retro '90s Ad


In contrast to what Nintendo fans found this week, Nintendo had promised that the SNES Classic would be easier to find than its predecessor was past year.

Given the fanaticism over last year's Nintendo's NES Classic Edition, it shouldn't have surprised anyone that pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition sold out in minutes when they opened up early Tuesday.

Some folks were very fortunate to get their hands on the iconic system that comes with 2 wired controllers and 21 classic games pre-installed. Clerks will also take in-store preorders of bundled versions of the system through an online ordering system, and GameStop was planning to make preorders available online later in the day. It's unclear when those retailers will offer the system for pre-order, and Nintendo didn't respond to a request for comment regarding pre-orders going forward.

Last month, Walmart was forced to cancel preorders for the Super NES Classic Edition after mistakenly offering them on its website on a Friday evening.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES Edition is out on September 29. The problem is, all pre-order stock has already sold out according to IGN.

Sorry, Mario, but you'll have to find the latest piece of Nintendo nostalgia gaming goodness in another castle.

In his preview of the SNES Classic, IGN host and producer Brian Altano had nothing but praise for the console and concern for your odds of finding one.

To mark this momentous occasion, Nintendo updated its SNES Classic page and shared a new trailer that runs through some of the nostalgic mini-console's features. Among the many classic titles included is one that has never been released before: Star Fox 2. If you own the NES Classic, then you're lucky.

  • Terrell Bush