Cape Cod surfers narrowly escape shark attack

"Get out the water!' I thought I was dead".

Onlooker, Thayer Wade shot video of the gruesome attack saying the shark was hunting very close to shore. O'Brien rushed to the shore.

As luck would have it, everyone got out of the water safely, but watched helplessly as the fatally injured seal struggled to survive his fatal bite. "I think he sustained some minor injuries, we're still waiting for more details on that".

Both surfers made it out of the water safely, though the seal's screams and the bloody water made it appear one of them had died, according to O'Brien. "He's like, 'Help me!"

"The impact was right in the middle of my board", he said. O'Brien, who frantically helped a young surfer out of the water, told the Herald's Owen Boss about why he backs a proposal to catch and kill sharks in the wake of the terrifying encounter.

Nauset Beach was closed after the incident.

Marconi Beach is now closed to swimming due to a shark sighting this morning. The shark was seen feasting on the seal, raising concerns that the predator could also attack beachgoers. "I thought it was a person".

Numerous sharks have been tagged and spotted by researchers off the coast of Cape Cod this summer, including an 11-foot shark dubbed "Hunter" that was first tagged off SC and subsequently spotted near.

But experts from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, the nonprofit conducting a population study of great whites off Cape Cod with officials from the state's Division of Marine Fisheries, balked at Beaty's plan. We've got seals being eaten within 100 meters of surfers.

  • Rogelio Becker