Apple Planning A $1K Price Tag On The New iPhone

The iPhone 8 OLED Apple should cost 999 us dollars in the United States, according to the sources, the american newspaper New York Times. Blue Sky Asset Management LLC acquired a new position in Apple during the second quarter worth approximately $108,000.

In patent application 20170242499 titled "Noise Correction for a Stylus Touch Device", Apple notes that their patent figure 1 shows a touch screen such as a 'smartphone or tablet.' The patent later specifically clarifies that the smartphone and tablet are indeed an iPhone and iPad. In order to watch 4K video via the new Apple TV, you'll, of course, also need a 4K display.

Recall that in 2017, most analysts expected big redesign since Apple will be celebrating 10 years since the release of the first iPhone.

However, given that many of its customers obtain their iPhones through financing options, carrier contracts or upgrade plans, this high ticket price may not prove much of a deterrent to sales, particularly if the iPhone 8 is targeted at business and power users. Plus: "there's a unusual twist in Apple's autonomous auto project; why the 13" MacBook Pro might soon get a lot more horsepower; and stick around for an all-new story time where we'll tell you what it's like inside the eery darkness of a total solar eclipse.

The iPhone 8 will deliver wireless charging without requiring any case accessories, as Apple is apparently finally ready to use the technology inside an iPhone.

The most expensive of the three iPhone models will be nearly $1,000, and will feature a bezel-less, curved OLED screen, will unlock using facial recognition, and will charge by magnetic induction instead of a plug, sources confirmed. And several reports have suggested that the new components would prompt the company to price the iPhone 8 at $1,000 or more.

Telegraph reports that the iPhone 8 chassis is also most likely a factor of the the price hike. It is rumoured that the fingerprint scanner will be moved from the front home button, which is now gone, to the back just below the Apple logo. It might also feature an all-glass enclosure, come with wireless charging, and have vertically aligned rear-facing cameras. You pay a premium for Apple devices whether you're buying an iPhone, a MacBook, or an Apple TV. Similar rumors swirled in August and September of 2016, but the feature didn't arrive when Apple announced its overall product updates at the time.

  • Joey Payne