Nadine Coyle comes to defence of Girls Aloud pal Sarah Harding

Series 20 of Celebrity Big Brother has seen Marissa Jade, Karthik Nagesan, Trisha Paytas, Jordan Davies, Brandi Glanville, Paul Danan, Sandi Bogle, Helen Lederer Shaun Williamson all evicted from the house during the past three weeks.

She initially claimed that she hadn't been watching the show at all, writing: "I am so far behind on Sarah's show". She reacted: "I can't believe I was sat there next to Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud!".

She wrote: "Those of us who know & love her know that".

Sounding incredibly protective of her former bandmate, Nadine added: "If I was there, no one would DARE utter a bad word to her!".

However, not all of Sarah's bandmates have been quite so vocal about their support - Nicola Roberts apparently refused to answer a tabloid reporter's questions about Sarah at a recent event, saying, "I don't want to talk about that". She explained, "She didn't mean anything by that, but she wasn't as close to Nicola as she was the other girls".

Nadine's fans were split 50/50 - half of them agreed and said that they thought Sarah was wonderful, but the other half called her a "nightmare" and "selfish".

Earlier this week, Sarah opened up about how the band's split had knocked her confidence, saying in the Diary Room: "No one really tells you what to do when you've been up there for [a lot of] years, you've had a lot of insane, life-changing scenarios happen during that time... and then all of a sudden, it's gone".

'Nobody really tells you what to do when you've been up there for a majority of years'. You've had a lot of insane life changing scenarios happen during that time and then all of a sudden it's gone.

"I would be much happier if the channel did not have "Big Brother" on it", From said via The Radio Times. I do miss them. "I want my own programmes that we have created". Here are all of tonight's final results as they happen LIVE.

  • Kyle Peterson