See 'Super Troopers' Return in First Teaser for Sequel

The official teaser trailer's arrived for the comedy sequel, Super Troopers 2.

Set to hit theaters April 20, the entire Broken Lizard crew is back, and they're headed to the border...the U.S./Canada border to be specific. And, as one could probably imagine, plenty of ball shaving and other ridiculous shenanigans ensue from there. So it's nice to know that Super Troopers 2 will offer up a theatrical experience with a close-ended story.

Shave the date, folks. The Canadian aspect would certainly explain the Mountie costumes in the trailer.

The promise of the "Super Troopers 2" began with a call to fans for help with the initial $2 million budget that Fox Searchlight required to distribute the film. The first film's formula will hopefully continue to work with audiences sixteen years later, and the sequel feels like a return to a familiar and fun universe.

It's been 16 years since Super Troopers first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2001 where Fox Searchlight acquired distribution rights to the film for just $3.25 million. Even Jim Gaffigan is back for the fun! Chandrasekhar penned the script along with fellow returning stars Erik Stolhansk (Beerfest), Steve Lemme (The Dukes of Hazzard), Kevin Heffernan (The Slammin' Salmon), and Paul Soter (Club Dread).

  • Kyle Peterson