What's new in Android TV Oreo update?

What's new in Android TV Oreo update?


Among the new features arriving with Google's latest mobile operating system update, Android 8.0 Oreo, is a new defense system against malware trickery when installing apps from outside of Google Play.

Historically, Google has named each successive Android release after sweet treats like Eclair, Ice Cream Sandwich and most recently, Nougat.

The flagship smartphones released this year, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 series, Galaxy Note 8 series, LG G6 and OnePlus 5, will be updated sooner than other phones, but it is a tradition to mark calendars in the anticipation of new Android software.

With the Oreo update, Android TV believes in channels. And, like all iconic superheroes, Android OREO originated from a wondrous, and unique, moment in time: the 2017 total solar eclipse that touched the United States. S, let's take a quick look at the device that could likely get the new update.

Google today announced its Certified Android devices website.

Unlike previous versions of Android, Oreo offers boosted protection against accidental downloads and installation of apps from untrusted sources.

This modification is part of Google's fight against potentially harmful apps, also referred to as PHAs (potentially harmful apps), which put your device and data at risk and are usually found on third-party stores. This is the first time the Mountain-View based company is giving a customer face to its programme apart from listing OEM partners with certified devices which are guaranteed to provide a safe and secure experience to their users. Play Protect is Google's new security suite, and it leverages machine learning to weed out malicious apps by regularly scanning and verifying apps on customers' phones. Treble essentially separates manufacturer implementation processes from the Android framework by adding a new vendor interface to streamline operating system updates, according to Project Treble team lead Iliyan Malchev.

Reports have also claimed that some popular Motorola smartphones are not going to get the Android Oreo update at all, however, it's not confirmed.

Millennials are also the most willing group to actually try out new apps. An nearly equal number of users removed one from their device in the past year due to lack of storage space, declining interest/usage, and to declutter their phones.

Devices certified by Google will now carry the Play Protect branding on the retail box.

  • Terrell Bush