Dogs rescued from Hurricane Harvey arrive in New Jersey

A Quad Cities animal shelter is hoping to provide a home for dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey, but they need your help with the dogs they now have.

"Pets are much more likely to try and make an escape during stressful situations", says Pamela Reid, an animal behaviourist with the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), who specialises in natural disaster work.

Over the weekend, APA! said it saved more than 235 animals in Harvey's path.

Cats and dogs in shelters across the south have also been transferred to shelters as far away as NY and California to make room for animals separated from their owners, reports USA Today.

Still, it said the job is not done.

Many hotels and some public transport systems now relax pet restrictions during such emergencies, while officials have stressed in public messaging the importance of evacuating with animals instead of leaving them behind. Enjoy your holidays with peace of mind, knowing your pet is in great hands (find a petsitter near you) and spoil them with our monthly subscription box filled with yummy treats and toys (get your free box here). Here's how it said you can help.

"With the natural disaster in Houston, Seattle Humane is proud to be part of a national effort to help with moving animals out of the Houston area that are now at shelters", states Seattle Humane CEO David Loewe.

Community's help neededAs Pets Alive welcomes the new dogs, they will need help from the community.

85 dogs and 20 cats are expected to arrive at Gillespie Field in El Cajon this afternoon. Applications can be filled out here for dogs and here for cats. In addition to cash donations, the organization can also use in-kind donations like large plastic or metal bins with lids.

PETA's team was also on the ground helping animals in the wake of hurricanes Gustav, Irene, and Sandy, and we used boats to rescue dozens of animals stranded inside homes and on rooftops and balconies when Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans. Pets now available for adoption can be found here.

"We were anxious we wouldn't be able to get back in and take care of the animals", said Clarence Anderson, La Porte's animal control supervisor. They said about 50 other volunteers are already waiting on standby. Most of the 19 dogs will likely require vaccinations, microchips, and deworming, and some may require spay/neuter, treatment for flea dermatitis and parasites, and other medical conditions. The group has also created a website page specifically for help with Hurricane Harvey.

  • Rogelio Becker