Nest's New Thermostat Is Dramatically Cheaper - and People Are Freaking Out

The product, named the Nest Thermostat E, is a completely redesigned version of the original Thermostat which clocks in at $169 (in contrast to $249 for the latest, third-generation Nest). The Nest Thermostat E comes with all the features of the traditional Nest along with a new design.

"We believe the Nest Learning Thermostat is wonderful for the top of customer food chain, versus the more mass-market customer who wants something more approachable that doesn't stand out on the wall as a piece of design - something that just blends in and does its job". It still learns your habits and adjusts accordingly and also offers pre-set schedules for further control.

Nest says it won't work for more complicated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, meaning that it'll only work in around 85 per cent of USA homes, by contrast to the original thermostat that works with about 95 per cent of homes. It's for the vast majority of the thermostat buying population that doesn't really want anyone noticing the little doodad that keeps their house warm. He remembers one fight he's now glad he lost, over whether to put a larger wall-cover in the box for people who don't want to spackle and paint just to install a new thermostat. Rather than a detailed interface, you'll see big, bubbly numbers and notches shine through when you spin the thermostat's ring around to set the temperature. The Nest Thermostat E, launching Thursday, will cost $169 and feature a new vanilla design to help it blend into a home instead of stand out.

The only feature that the Thermostat E won't have that Nest's higher-end thermostat has is a feature called "farsight", which lets the thermostat tell when you're across the room and then turn on its display to show you the time or temperature. When the frosted display is off, the screen is grey.

The lower-priced E is "going to essentially double the market for those products", Kerber said. It needs this to be an indoor regulator that you purchase and disregard, yet get every one of the advantages that accompany having some worked in capabilities. And in addition to app control on your phone, laptop, or smartwatch, the thermostat supports voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Shipments will start September 1, and it will be available at retail stores starting around September 10. This can be easily managed directly from the Nest app.

  • Joey Payne