Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock donate $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

And, the inaugural donation has been made by Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation - of United States dollars 1 million, reports E!

The Revenant actor pledged the money to the newly established United Way Harvey Recovery Fund, part of United Way Worldwide, the largest privately funded non-profit organisation in the United States.

Actress Sandra Bullock donated $US1million ($A1.3 million) to the relief efforts, People magazine reported.

Leonardo DiCaprio has stepped up with a $1-million donation to aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm, which has dumped historic levels of rain on the Gulf Coast over the last several days.

Houston is the hometown of worldwide pop singer Beyonce.

She recently told the Houston Chronicle that she will remain in constant prayer for the victims and for the rescuers who have been determined to work together to rebuild their lives. "There are human beings in eight feet of water", she said.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is also no stranger to disaster relief.

"There are no politics in eight feet of water", said Bullock to People magazine.

"At this point, this is a serious matter".

Other stars who have also donated money is the Kardashian family, who made a collective donation of $500,000 to the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

"I think the people are in bad shape and they need help". Y'know, my grandma's sitting here, my mom's here and I go home to my seven dogs and if I didn't have that anymore, it'd just be really hard.

DJ Khaled and Nicki Minaj joined in with $US25,000 donations.

Hurricane Harvey is estimated to have caused over $US3 billion ($A3.8 billion) in property damage so far.

"At first we were afraid, we were petrified, Kept thinking Texas couldn't live in floodwaters this high, We know you spent plenty of time preparing for this hurricane, Who could have known that it would come with so much devastating rain, But we will strive, And you'll survive", she sang in the video.

  • Kyle Peterson