Windows 10 Update to Include Virtual Reality Features

Microsoft confirmed the release date at IFA today, and pointed out two of the update's key new features: eye-tracking and Windows Mixed Reality.

When you look at what's coming in the new code, however, it appears that the update is more of an incremental addition rather than anything really game-changing, albeit with a few caveats. Access to the Windows Store is also an important part of running the latest versions of Windows 10. The headset is expected to retail at $299 initially and is a separate project from Microsoft's HoloLens virtual reality goggles.

"With the Fall Creators Update, Windows Defender is smarter and defends better than ever before, with behind the scenes cloud intelligence that enables these new defences against ransomware and exploits", said Terry Myerson, executive VP for the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, in his IFA keynote.

Asus' Mixed Reality headset is set for the spring 2018 release, and it will be priced at $535.

The Fall Creators Update also includes an improved Game Mode, and a new GPU resource tracker now resided in Task Manager. Headsets and motion controllers (starting at $299) from these companies are expected to be release along with the Fall Creators Update on October 17, notes PCMag.

Lenovo has introduced its augmented/virtual reality head mounted display (HMD) compatible with the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Microsoft's partners have officially announced that their Mixed Reality headsets will be on sale starting from October.

Augmented reality overlays text, sounds, graphics and video on real-world images that users actually see in front of them, while virtual reality creates entirely computer-generated worlds. Then it will hit Windows Update. That being said, you can use a keyboard and mouse with the headset as well as an Xbox One controller so you won't necessarily have to buy the touch controllers, though there is probably going to be specific content which requires them.

Unlike the current crop of headsets, the new Mixed Reality VR headsets will boast an impressive 1440p resolution per eye, up from the 1080p standards of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and far exceeding the 960p standards of the PSVR.

Unfortunately, the new release won't include one of the more exciting features that Microsoft has planned.

  • Joey Payne