May to make 'important intervention' on Brexit, says Verhofstadt

"The paper says that while there has been a ' distinct shift in the United Kingdom government's approach to Brexit" over the summer, which has seen ministers soften their tone, we still remain badly need of a "breakthrough".

"Typically, in negotiations, as time goes on, you see the pace pick up", she said.

Prime Minister Theresa May has warned lawmakers that Britain could be faced with a Brexit "cliff edge" if they failed to back her European Union repeal bill, as reports suggested momentum was growing within her party to unseat her.

The atmosphere around the talks deteriorated again today as Martin Selmayr, Jean-Claude Juncker's chief of staff, derided the historic Brexit vote as a "stupid decision".

If you are one of the many people who have come to the United Kingdom to work in logistics and supply chain, how are you going to feel when you hear that the country is about to be taught a lesson?

Anna Soubry, one of the party's most outspoken Europhile MPs, said on Monday that she was not planning to vote against the Bill but would consider supporting amendments.

The bone of contention resulting to the heated polity is the mandate of the European Union to sort divorce issues and bill payment before trade talks can begin - a policy which does not rest well with British officials.

Protesters wearing European Union flag masks
Protesters wearing European Union flag masks

'Certainly we wouldn't rule that out, but nothing has been agreed yet'. Brexit will happen on March 29, 2019'.

This followed reports that the government was prepared to suggest "continuous negotiations" which would see Brexit talks extended on a week-by week basis in order to break the deadlock over the divorce bill.

The UK will not set out how much money it believes it owes the European Union until this stage is reached, she said.

He said the legislation was needed to ensure there was not a "complete legal vacuum" and a "legal cliff edge" when the United Kingdom left the EU. We put people before process.

"The series of papers we are publishing have provided further detail on the deep and special partnership we want, we've had frank negotiations with the [European] Commission, and we've travelled the globe to establish the trading relationships of the future". We will seek a fair settlement of our rights and obligations as a departing member state, but we are not at that stage yet'.

"I'd say to backbenchers who are thinking about seeking to amend or delay the withdrawal bill, that now is not the time to disrupt this vitally important piece of enabling legislation", the Chancellor told the BBC.

"We think that a Labour government provides the most plausible route to a Brexit reversal, since it does not have the ideological commitment to sovereignty that many Conservatives have and party policy aspires to a Brexit that "protects jobs and investment" rather than a "sovereignty-first" Brexit", they write.

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