Dennis Rodman Offers to 'Straighten Things Out' Between Trump and Kim Jong

Rodman, who strangely has ties to both President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, believes the USA needs to engage North Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un talks to NBA great Dennis Rodman in Pyongyang, as the two watch a basketball game, in 2014.

I don't love [Kim].

Speaking on ITV's "Good Morning Britain" on Wednesday, the former American basketball player appeared to defend the North Korean dictator and claimed that ongoing tensions could ease if US President Donald Trump just met him in person.

During his June trip to North Korea, Rodman delivered a copy of Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal", to Kim.

The former Chicago Bulls power forward said: "For me to go over there and see Kim as much as I have, I basically hang out with him all the time".

"We hardly ever talk politics and that's the good thing about that", he added.

Rodman has visited North Korea several times since 2013 and has made headlines for his friendship with the hermit kingdom's young leader, Kim Jong-Un. We ride horses, we go skiing.

North Korea has an intercontinental ballistic missile - the Hwasong-14 - created to carry a thermonuclear warhead and strike targets across the continental U.S. The U.S. and its allies are preparing to significantly increase pressure on Pyongyang while keeping the application of military force on the table.

He said the relationship between the USA and Russian Federation had changed "but for some reason with have a big issue with North Korea". He says the North Korea trips are about being an ambassador for sports.

Rodman insisted, repeatedly throughout the interview, that he wasn't an apologist for North Korea. "For me to see him gives me a different view about the country, because I see it".

Kim celebrates a ballistic rocket launch. The five-time National Basketball Association champion supported Trump during his 2016 political campaign and appeared as a contestant on Trump's reality television show, "Celebrity Apprentice". I've always said that.

Rodman stated he's taken many people with him on his visits to North Korea, including basketball players from the US, asserting, "You should have seen the American players".

  • Rogelio Becker