Barnier says United Kingdom must devise a "unique solution" to border issue

But the approach was not welcomed by some of those approached, with one executive reportedly saying: "There is no way we could sign this given the current state of chaos surrounding the talks".

In a positive sign for Britain, the European Union published four other papers including several that projected the UK's trade relations with Europe after Brexit.

If Northern Ireland and the Republic were in a customs union which did not include England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there may have to be border checks between the two parts of the UK.

More than 130 worldwide Market Advisors from Enterprise Ireland's 33 overseas offices have returned to Ireland to participate in 2,000 client company meetings, advising Irish companies on global export opportunities and how to diversify into new markets in response to Brexit.

Mr Elphicke, an ERG officer, said: "The EU is trying to blackmail Britain into handing over billions of pounds". It really is seen by most people as a very unpredictable situation. "We will seek a fair settlement of our rights and obligations as a departing member state, but we are not at that stage yet".

Clearing border customs post-Brexit could take just seconds, Brexit Secretary David Davis told MPs at Westminster earlier this week.

It was reported over the weekend that Mr Barnier said he wanted to get as much money out of the United Kingdom as possible.

On geographical indicators, the European Union wants the United Kingdom to continue to protect special labels - such as the Parma ham, or the Italian buffalo mozzarella or the French Soumaintrain cheese - to avoid British copies coming to the market.

David Davis
David Davis Credit Will Oliver EPA

"There are concerns from the business and cybersecurity communities about the implications Brexit will have on existing cybersecurity, privacy and data-protection laws", he said, according to theIrish Times.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage called on the Government not to waste 18 months negotiating with the European Union only to end up with no deal.

Last week, European Commission chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said "genuine progress" had been made on the Common Travel Area question on the "basis of guarantees" from the UK.

Highly anticipated, the third round Brexit talks kicked off on August 28 in EU Commission headquarters.

If we are to resolve the problem on this island we need support and co-operation from Brussels.

"I think the border is the hard issue if we leave the customs union, which the government at the moment seems keen on doing, then there are some very hard issues that are going to have to be resolved", he said.

"This month the government's Repeal Bill will initiate a program of legislation that will make Britain ready for life outside the EU".

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