Climate denier, hurricane pooh-pooher Rush Limbaugh flees ahead of Irma

"I'm not going to get into details because of the security nature of things, but it turns out that we will not be able to do the program here tomorrow", Limbaugh said Thursday.

During that same show, Limbaugh went on to pat himself on the back for predicting a slight change in the forecasted course of the hurricane based exclusively on gut instinct, thereby outsmarting the "big data analysts" who failed to call the 2016 election.

Despite his reservations, which were announced on his radio show, Mr Limbaugh confirmed he was leaving the area and could not host his show for a few days as it would be "legally impossible" to do so outside of South Florida.

Conservative political commentator and author Mark Steyn will fill in for Limbaugh of Friday.

The radio personality had created a storm of his own by suggesting that the "panic" caused by Irma benefits retailers, the media and politicians seeking action on climate change.

Anyway, old Rush announced Thursday that his proprietary data analysis threat matrix system has. convinced him to evacuate the major population center (Palm Beach, Florida) where he records his show.

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Limbaugh as recently as Tuesday was still advancing the theory that the "panic" over Irma was just so much fake news.

"You don't need a hurricane to hit anywhere", he asserted.

Limbaugh further told listeners on The Rush Limbaugh Show that "These storms, once they actually hit, are never as strong as they're reported".

Once TV stations begin reporting on a storm, residents are driven to retailers to prepare, and so on, he said.

When Roker appeared on Saturday to give an updated Irma forecast, it's clear the famous weather man was still fired up about Limbaugh's recent comments accusing the media of hyping up the storm to advance a "climate change agenda". If they were to move that track offshore east, say tonight at five o'clock, in two hours, and it moves and they're right, but then late Saturday night it makes a jog left back over land, they would be in deep doo-doo, because people believe them too.

Roker didn't mention Limbaugh's name on MSNBC, but on Twitter, he made it clear whom he was referring to. He strongly urged people to evacuate if asked to do so by local officials.

  • Kyle Peterson