A attractive weekend ahead, tracking Hurricane Irma too

Look for sunny skies this weekend with highs only reaching the low 70s along with a light breeze. That means a few scattered showers will remain possible for us Wednesday, Thursday and possibly even Friday.

A similar forecast for Monday and Tuesday includes highs in the mid-70s. Next week, Jose is expected to meander in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean between Puerto Rico and Bermuda, not impacting any other land for now.

The streets of Miami, Florida were mostly empty as thousands of people huddled in shelters or battened-down homes as Hurricane Irma approached. In fact, we would not be too surprised if temperatures top out in the low 80s by Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday. (The average high is 82, average low is 58).

Mostly clear skies will continue through tonight. Click the image below to see the wind field forecast.

Hurricane Irma is about 40 miles south of Key West, Florida, moving northwesterly at 8 MPH. Irma may bring some showers as early as Monday evening, but the bulk of the rain will be on Tuesday. We'll keep with plenty of sunshine, strong south winds, and warm temperatures in the upper 80s.

Irma is still expected to ride up the west coast of Florida over the next 48 hours, making the western coastal towns, including St. Petersburg/Tampa, likely the hardest-hit areas. This landfall is absolutely disgusting news much of the state, which will bear the brunt of Irma's winds and storm surge, as the northeast quadrant moves over that area. The storm looks like it will also severely impact Georgia and SC early next week before turning inland.

Hurricane Irma has been fluctuating between a Category 4 and Category 5.

  • Rogelio Becker