About 2 million lose power in Florida from Irma, utilities say

Even as Houston flooded, the power stayed on for most, allowing citizens to use TV and radio to stay apprised of danger, or social media to call for help.

FPL, the biggest power company in Florida, said on its website that more than 1,306,000 customers were without power.

About 574,000 of those outages were in Miami-Dade County, while there were 360,000 in Broward and almost 136,000 in Palm Beach County.

"Everyone in Florida will be impacted in some way by this storm", Eric Silagy said at a news conference, urging FPL customers to be prepared for a multi-week restoration process, Reuters reported.

Power outages are beginning in some communities in southwest Florida overnight Saturday, and officials with Florida Power and Light say "millions" could lose power before Hurricane Irma is over.

Repairing equipment and reconnecting lines can be done more quickly than rebuilding the electric grid, which FPL warned on Friday could be the case in the tri-county region.

The utility covers much of the state, including most cities on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf coast south of Tampa. That is a decrease from the Category 5 designation Irma previously held.

The utility said that it has mobilized crews and is working to restore power as it can.

"We have amassed the largest restoration force in the history of the country to respond to Hurricane Irma".

Gould said the nuclear sites are among the strongest in the United States and are created to withstand heavy wind and storm surge.

  • Kyle Peterson