Death Toll from Mexico Quake Rises to 90

The death toll from Mexico's huge quake has risen to 32.

In Tabasco state, two children were among the dead, officials said.

Rescuers pried several survivors from the rubble in Juchitan Friday, but also discovered others who had died.

It had a depth of 43.3 miles (69.7 kilometres), the USGS said.

The 8.1-magnitude quake killed at least 65 people.

Police officer Vidal Vera, 29, who had not slept in more than 36 hours, told AFP: "I can't remember an quake this awful". It's common for different agencies to arrive at slightly different calculations of quake magnitude.

The death toll will nearly certainly rise, officials said. A further four deaths were also registered in Tabasco state to the north. Hundreds and thousands of Mexicans were temporarily left without electricity or water, and many in the south were evacuated from coastal dwellings when the quake sparked tsunami warnings.

The US Geological Survey put the magnitude slightly lower, at 8.1.

Authorities say that a hotel in Oaxaca has collapsed, but no one has been reported dead.

On Wednesday Netanyahu will make his way to Mexico - the world's second-largest Catholic country - for meetings with President Enrique Pena Nieto and representatives of the local Jewish community. The region felt a number of strong aftershocks through Friday. The U.S.G.S. has recorded 20 aftershocks higher than 4.0, Reuters reports.

What's the damage?: Business buildings and homes shook violently because of the quake, according to the Associated Press.

Tsunami waves have been measured off Mexico's Pacific coast after a major quake.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there is a possibility of widespread and unsafe waves on the coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and Ecuador.

Smaller tsunami waves were observed on the coast or measured by ocean gauges elsewhere.

Residents were advised that tsunami waves could hit within three hours off the coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Ecuador.

The natural disaster, which struck shortly before midnight local time in the Pacific Ocean, about 60 miles off the coast of the state of Chiapas, leveled hospitals, churches and the city's main government buildings.

The number of people killed in Mexico in Thursday night's 8.1 magnitude quake on the southern coast has risen to at least 90, Reuters reports.

Rodrigo Soberanes, who lives near San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, the state nearest the epicentre, said his house "moved like chewing gum". "Homes, schools and hospitals have been affected".

More than five thousand houses have been damaged and many residents have been sleeping in the streets or in their cars fearing more buildings will collapse.

  • Rogelio Becker