Apple Finally Enters the 4K Realm, but It'll Cost You

This is the Apple TV 4K. Today, at its annual iPhone launch event, the company also announced a new version of its Apple TV set-top box, leaning into the idea that apps are the future of television while trying to make everything look a little crisper.

Native Siri support will also be included with the new Apple TV which will make it easier than ever for consumers to find exactly the content they're looking for.

As we have also heard, Apple has worked out deals with the major movie studios, which will sell 4k versions of their movies from Apple's iTunes store.

Apple TV 4K will also allow users to view live sports and also, if you have your favourite teams selected, it will prioritize those over others.

The Apple TV 4K is priced at $179, and will be open for booking starting September 15, and will go on sale a week later.

Apple has brought in nice little touches for avid Apple TV users. Apple has finally breached the 4K barriers with the all new Apple TV 4K.

The just announced Apple TV 4K will feature full native 4k playback in addition to HDR support with the latest HDR10 standard baked in.

With Apple investing up to $1 billion in original content, though, it was high time for some fresh hardware.

It adds 4K HDR video to the mix, being able to play films and streamed content through services such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Apple's own iTunes in the very best format possible. It's all possible thanks to a massive upgrade in processing power in the form of a new A10X Fusion Chip - the same chip in the current iPad Pro paired with 3GB of RAM. Support for content in 4K resolution has been available in TV sets for quite some time, but most households haven't had a 4K set. Should something even newer and exciting comes along in terms of the marriage of traditional and modern content, Apple's powerful devices should be more than prepared.

First and foremost, the new Apple TV offers integration with the Apple ecosystem, which is great for those people who are already invested in it.

Apple is bumping down the price of a 32-GB regular HD resolution model, with an A8 chip, to $149.

  • Kyle Peterson