New Litmus Test for 2020 Democratic Hopefuls: Bernie's 'Medicare for All'

Perhaps most importantly, as Vox's Dylan Matthews wrote, any Democratic senator with ambitions about running for president in 2020 is backing Sanders: Elizabeth Warren (MA), Kamala Harris (CA), Cory Booker (NJ), and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) among them.

Bernie Sanders is watching growing support for his universal medicare bill.

Sanders has long pushed for the United States to adopt a single-payer system, similar to those found in Canada and Europe.

Gillibrand, New York's junior senator, plans on being a co-sponsor of the bill, reported Monday. That four of the first five to come out in support of Sanders's bill all came from a relatively small universe of top presidential hopefuls suggests that this will be a litmus test issue in 2020. Democrats should invest time and resources in figuring out the best way to counter those arguments, especially since we know all too well how much people fear change when it comes to their health care.

Warren and Harris, along with Sanders himself, have been discussed as likely candidates for president in 2020. Once that point was reached, the theory goes, the Democrats would be able to get single-payer through Congress.

Moreover, the late Tommy Douglas, who introduced Canadian single-payer in the 1960's, was accordingly voted all-time greatest Canadian in a 2004 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation survey.

Though Gillibrand has not yet formally announced that she will co-sponsor the bill, sources told Mic that she will do so soon and has privately felt supportive of the measure for some time. Bernie Sanders's forthcoming Medicare-for-all legislation are proposing ideas that would expand the government's role in health care. Sen.

"This would create an affordable, public health care plan that's available to any American to purchase through the already-existing insurance exchanges", she said.

Whitehouse is a member of the Senate's health committee.

"[Democrats are] fighting for health care as a right for all, and not a privilege for a few." he said. Three other potential Democratic candidates, Sens. The experience of the last decade - the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the political challenges of its implementation, and the failed Republican effort to repeal it and replace it with a spectacularly unpopular plan moving government out of the business of helping people get coverage - has brought about a new boldness among Democrats.

She added, "So I'll be fighting with Bernie - and I hope with all of you - to pass Medicare-for-all and finally give every American access to affordable, good quality health care".

  • Kyle Peterson