Storm hits west coast of Florida

The National Weather Service said Irma will leave behind cloudy, cool weather with occasional showers today in north and central Alabama.

Irma's top sustained winds are 35 miles per hour (55 kph), and it is moving northwest at 15 miles per hour (24 kph). Cities flooded, power lines were downed and trees were uprooted across the state. Gov. Florida officials Monday said two people were killed in the state. The Florida cities of Jacksonville and Orlando were especially hard-hit by floodwaters.

The storm is expected to move through the Florida panhandle and on to Georgia and Alabama by Monday night, with winds topping 85 miles per hour.

Damage was still being assessed in the Florida Keys: the island chain remained somewhat cut off from communication after highways into the area were rendered impassable by the storm. "We've got roads that are impassable, so everybody's got to be patient as we work through this".

"We won't speculate on any potential impacts Hurricane Irma may have on the Florida citrus industry as the storm has not yet passed through our state", Rossiter told Fruitnet.

Almost 6 million customers are now without electricity, comprising about 30 percent of Florida's total population, according to the 2016 U.S.

In Florida, the state's biggest electric company said its outages came to more than 3.6 million by 8:30 a.m. on Monday.

What's happening in the Florida Keys?

He said the Navy dispatched the USS Iwo Jima, USS New York and the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to help with relief efforts. Not a lot of flooding. "Best word I could say is war zone", he said on Twitter.

He also tweeted images from several mobile park homes in the Keys, showing homes that were overturned and destroyed by the storm. Air traffic above Florida ceased over the weekend, and Miami International Airport announced no passenger flights would be scheduled for Monday. More than 4,200 US flights scheduled for Monday were cancelled.

Jose appears to have spared, for the most part, the Caribbean islands hardest hit by Irma last week, but it still has maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour.

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