Angelina Jolie at The Breadwinner premiere for Toronto Film Festival

Angelina Jolie is raising children coming from diverse backgrounds.

Her long brunette tresses cascaded over her shoulders and she was perfectly made up for her outing with pouty red lipstick and her eyes covered by sun glasses.

Jolie kept it in the family, minus ex-husband Brad Pitt, bringing her six children to the premiere of the film which is based on author Loung Ung's experience as a child soldier under the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime that seized control of Cambodia in 1975.

"I first went to Cambodia about 16 years ago for a film, "Tomb Raider" - that was the first film back after the war", Jolie said.

Jolie said these days she prefers working behind the lens.

Maddox was adopted from the country while Pax hails from Vietnam, and the star revealed it was a "joy" to have her children on board.

"I might dream, if I am to continue to be in this business I'd love to work with my children if they choose to be in this business".

The humanitarian also spoke about the importance of being a role model. Loung sees the emaciated bodies of her starving peers, brutality and violence all around her, and eventually, her father's corpse - and takes it all in with the ethereal calm of a model in a Vogue spread.

But make no mistake: She is very serious about her priorities, especially after she was diagnosed with hypertension and developed Bell's palsy, which caused part of her face to droop, past year amid all the stress she was going through.

This important film comes out in November, and it looks like a must-see. It was the thing to be, ' the Oscar victor began. "The accent and everything about her was discovered when I was giving my kids baths". I realized when my mother died as I was doing this for her and it has changed a little. I grew up hearing him say how much she would have wanted to be an actress, and how much my grandmother would have wanted to be also, so she was so excited that I might be. Now I do it for my kids.

This time past year Angelina separated from husband Brad Pitt. "They're healing from some. from life, from things in life", she said. It is believed filming will begin before the end of the year.

  • Kyle Peterson