State Dept. official to travel to Myanmar after Rohingya attacks

"In this context, it is advisable at this time not to qualify the situation as genocide or ethnic cleansing against the Muslim community - which the government does not recognise as an ethnic nationality but as a group of interlopers from Bangladesh", Cardinal Bo told TIME. The Centre has said in the draft affidavit that Rohingyas are a threat to national security and that it is in "national interest" to deport them, suggesting that the court should not "interfere " in its decision. Following 2015 elections won by her party, Suu Kyi became its de facto leader. She must be told that her duty as a Nobel Peace Laureate is not limited to only protecting rights of the Buddhist majority.

The government claims it is fighting a terrorist insurgency, targeting terrorists suspected of masterminding an attack on police posts in late August.

Also in today's press briefing, Mr. Guterres reiterated his call for a political solution to the situation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). The people of Rohingya are being killed senselessly.

Suu Kyi's government launched a media campaign aimed at shoring up public support for the operation.

Suu Kyi has so far ignored calls from the worldwide community to stop the violence.

In Facebook and Twitter posts, it has shown off support for non-Muslims displaced by the violence and blamed the worldwide community for distributing "fake news" about alleged rights abuses. "Aung San Suu Kyi is walking a tight rope walk", Cardinal Bo said. "You wrote you just saw it, share your #Evidence". "We have to take care of everybody who is in our country, whether or not they are our citizens".

ARSA's demands are fairly straightforward: They wish for the Rohingya to be legally recognized as an ethnic group and granted citizenship, and for Myanmar to allow the 1.4 million Rohingyas overseas to return to the country if they wish. That's a third of the Rohingya population in Myanmar.

The conflict in Rakhine has stoked communal tensions across the country.

Even though India backed the internationally-isolated Myanmar government on the Rohingya crisis, facing the ire of several nations including Bangladesh, New Delhi has now chose to send relief materials to the refugees. They feel like we are not bad people. "Our house and fields have been burned so we can not earn our living there anymore", she said.

The Rohingya issue has put Suu Kyi in an awkward position politically, the diplomats said.

SIFTON: But it's also true that the Burmese military is a power unto itself. They say that could be a reason for Suu Kyi's reticence.

Mr. Guterres repeated his call for "an effective action plan" to address the root causes of the situation, which he said he been left to fester for decades and has now escalated beyond Myanmar's borders, destabilizing the region.

"We must let our shared humanity unite us and not allow our religious differences divide us".

  • Rogelio Becker