State Legislators pass bill to make California a 'sanctuary state'

In the latest move by local and state officials across the country to fight back against the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, California lawmakers on Saturday morning passed Senate Bill 54, known informally as the "sanctuary state" bill.

The California Assembly voted in favor of SB 54 Friday, which would prohibit law enforcement from conducting front-line immigration enforcement but allows jail officials to notify federal agents about some people in detention.

It also would allow local authorities to turn over immigrants to federal agents if detainees have been convicted of one or more of a list of 800 serious crimes, the newspaper reported. Jerry Brown - it will become law.

"Now, more than ever, it is imperative that California law clearly distinguish state and local law enforcement officers from federal deportation agents", said Pasquarella.

"This bill here today helps some of us to believe that California is a safe place for immigrants, that we are a Golden State", said Democratic Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula, the grandson of immigrants who came to California illegally.

The bill is now headed to Governor Brown's Desk for his final approval and signature.

This year, California lawmakers have strengthened protections for undocumented immigrants, increased the gasoline tax and extended a program aimed at compelling businesses to reduce air pollution, all in opposition to federal policies. The state's prison system is now excluded from most of the bill's provisions. It says voters need the tax return information from candidates because it could point to “potential conflicts of interest, business dealings, financial status, and charitable donations.”.

"If California politicians pass this bill, they will be prioritizing politics over the safety and security of their constituents", Homan said in a statement this week.

"Our overarching concern remains that limiting local law enforcement's ability to communicate and cooperate with federal law enforcement officers endangers public safety", the group said in the release.

A federal judge in Chicago ruled Friday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions can not follow through with his threat to withhold public safety grant money to so-called sanctuary cities for refusing his order to impose tough immigration policies.

  • Rogelio Becker