Irresponsible to pass Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal bill

With less than two weeks to pass the bill, Graham-Cassidy would more than likely skip all normal procedures, including congressional committee approval, before heading to the Senate floor for a vote. If it gets the needed votes now, it could be a short-term win for the GOP, but it could also mean long-term negative consequences for the party. "My area of expertise is eating pizza", Kimmel said.

This was a reference to a September 30 deadline for Republicans to pass legislation with a simple majority in the Senate.

"I want to make sure that members of the Senate know the president and our entire administration supports Graham-Cassidy", Pence said, according to NBC News.

The Graham-Cassidy bill would undo major elements of Barack Obama's health care law and send block grants to states instead.

Gov. Kim Reynolds said Tuesday she supports a GOP plan that would end the "big bureaucratic" Affordable Care Act approach by giving more flexibility to states in how they use federal dollars to address the health care of their residents.

In May, Kimmel had told viewers about his newborn son being born with a heart defect that required immediate surgery, and he went on to praise the Affordable Care Act for expanding health insurance coverage, including for people with pre-existing conditions, like his son.

"Right now, there's a bipartisan group of senators working to improve the health care system we have", Kimmel said on his show.

Ten other governors - both Democrats and Republicans - in a Tuesday letter asked Senate leaders Mitch McConnell of Kentucky a Republican and Chuck Schumer of NY, a Democrat - to take a bi-partisan approach. Under Graham-Cassidy-Hiller-Johnson, more people will have coverage and we protect those with pre-existing conditions. While Democrats are debating whether to keep the failed status quo or adopt a socialist single-payer government takeover of health care, Bill Cassidy and I are doing what we can to provide patients with choices in their health care. Sen. "This is keeping Obamacare and redistributing the proceeds". States can then apply for what are known as 1332 waivers that allow states to relax some of Obamacare's regulations to bring down costs. "But they're not taking care of you".

"After two weeks of thinking bipartisanship, that flickering candle, might gain some new light, this is the last thing we need", Schumer, from NY, said on the Senate floor earlier this week.

  • Rogelio Becker