Scout Schultz family's lawyer says Georgia Tech police overreacted by killing student

A student and LGBT activist has been shot dead at a campus in Atlanta.

An LGBT student activist has been shot and killed in the United States by police, with the horrific scene caught on camera. An alert was issued for people to stay indoors as things got heated. One officer then opens fire. Fellow students rushing to her aid as she's pinned to the ground.

Campus police at Georgia Tech are being accused of overreacting during a confrontation with a student that ended in his death.

Photos from the scene show a Georgia Tech police vehicle ablaze and a mass of people marching, holding a banner that says "Defend LGBT+, End GTPD".

The student had called 911 to report an armed and possibly intoxicated suspicious person fitting his physical description.

"He was not running at the officers or threatening them with a knife".

The officer is seen continuing to back up, eventually moving behind a parking barricade, pleading, "Nobody wants to hurt you, man".

Schultz was president of Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech.

Gerogia Tech released a statement, saying the university was "deeply saddened" by the loss of the student.

Stewart claimed that Scout was holding a utility tool with the knife blade retracted. After that, the police officer fired a single shot and Schultz could be heard screaming.

Attorney Chris Stewart told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he thinks Schultz was having a mental breakdown and didn't know what to do.

Speaking with New York Daily News , Schultz's mother Lynn described her child as "nonconformist and very, very bright", noting that Schultz had a "lot of empathy for other people".

Schultz continued to advance toward the officers shouting "Shoot me!" Schultz did not have a gun in video of the incident, but police said Schultz had a knife and refused to put it down.

As police arrived, they say Schultz was outside a dorm wielding a knife.

A spokesman for the Georgia Tech Police Department, Lance Wallace, told CNN their officers do not carry stun guns.

Schultz's parents have questioned the officer's use of lethal force. "They pushed us to do more events and a larger variety [of] events, and we would not be the organization we are known as without their constant hard work and dedication", said the group in a statement, using Schultz's preferred gender pronoun.

  • Kyle Peterson