Samsung new offer: Screen replacement for select smartphones at Rs 990

Samsung and many other companies have released impressive smartphones this year but a foldable smartphone could be a huge change, especially if other companies follow.

Since the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 have been launched, it can now concentrate on the new folding device Galaxy X.

The NRRA filing doesn't provide any insight into what the Samsung Galaxy X, or SM-G888N0, can actually do.

Fast forward to now: A device with a similar model number has just received certification from the National Radio Research Agency in South Korea, which essentially means the phone is ready to enter the Korean market, as LetsGoDigital reports. Back then, it wasn't linked to any known Samsung device, and so it was linked to the Samsung Galaxy X by many online. A January launch date just seems to be ideal for the foldable Samsung Galaxy X. The company announced about the Samsung Shop Anniversary Sale on Monday, September 25 and declared that the sale will continue till September 30. As always, it's recommended you install the update over a Wi-Fi network and make sure your handset has at least 50 percent of battery left before proceeding with the download. There have been plenty of concept videos and prototypes displayed over the years by Samsung, but none saw the daylight due to production issues. The design and features of the Galaxy X are still unknown.

The Galaxy Note 8 was the most expensive device the company has ever made which started at a price of $930 in US. On a related note, Samsung's Korean compatriot LG is also making advancements with the flexible Plastic OLED. DJ Koh who heads the mobile division of Samsung has confirmed recently confirmed that it would be debuting a foldable smartphone next year. However, they are now facing some hardware issues with the manufacturing of the bendable OLED technology that might push the launch even further. The FFOLED screens still leverage all the best qualities of Samsung's impressive Super AMOLED displays, and we believe the Galaxy X will use next-gen high-end CPUs from Qualcomm and Samsung's own Exynos brand.

  • Joey Payne