Cuban loans Mavs' team plane to JJ Barea for Puerto Rico relief

ESPN reported that the Dallas Mavericks owner loaned the team plane to point guard J.J. Barea, the only active player on the team who is Puerto Rican. Barea, a native of Puerto Rico who has spent all but three years of his National Basketball Association career with the Mavericks, returned Tuesday night with his mother and grandmother.

Still suffering a lack of power in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has been scrambling to take care of its hospital patients.

According to Jenniffer González, congresswoman for Puerto Rico, Pitbull offered his private jet so that cancer patients from Puerto Rico can be transported to the United States for chemo treatment. He organized a trip to bring food, water and other necessities to the most-affected areas, and with Cuban's help, left Monday night. It is completely dead. It is truly one of the tougher times in their history, and it will take a lot for the Puerto Ricans to stand up once gain.

"It's gonna take a while because it's just starting", Barea said. A lot of people without water.

He says he would like to get more supplies into the devastated island. Barea, 33, and his wife, Viviana Ortiz, launched an online fundraiser to further aid in relief efforts of Hurricane Maria.

"I don't think people really know how bad it is", Barea said.

  • Stacy Allen