Salman Khan: Is this the final Bigg Boss 11 list?!

Then it went up to Rs 750 for Campa Cola (a soft drink brand) and then it was Rs 1,500 for the longest time.

According to the latest private poll result, Bindhu Madhavi will get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house in this mid-week Bigg Boss grand finale.

On lighter note, Salman added, "So it's going to be quite tough competition this time for them". SRK is a good host. At an event to launch season 11 of the show, Salman said he only wants everyone to 'behave properly.' Speaking to IANS, Salman said: "I think many people come to the show for revamping their career and if they are fighting and misbehaving with people, industry professionals will not prefer to work with them".

Sapna Choudhary from Haryana will also participate as a commoner on the reality show.

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When asked Salman what is reason why he has been hosting season of Bigg Boss, he said, 'I like the format. He has also got an incredible comic timing and is quite witty. And without putting any numbers to it, the makers of Bigg Boss nearly confirmed the news. "Shah Rukh has got swag, style and charisma". Salman Khan, who returned as Host for yet another year, said that the channel keeps bringing him back as the show can't get TRPs without him.

Salman added, "Bigg Boss is one show that the country awaits with bated breath along with my movies; and like every year, I'm thrilled to welcome the new contestants into the Bigg Boss house".

The television's biggest controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 11, which is slated to kick off on October 1, has till date not revealed the list of the Bigg Boss 11 inmates, but the recent promo of Gaurav Gera aka Pinky Padosan has given the viewers a hint about the show.

When asked about the best aspect of Bigg Boss show, Salman said that the love-hate relationships shared by the participants are one of the best things. "The theme of "Padosis" and "Gharwale" is very refreshing full of entertainment".

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