Liam Neeson says he's now 'unretired' from action movies

He's also appearing in a new film, The Commuter, which is released early next year and sees him play an insurance salesman who gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy while on his daily commute.

The said movie features the known Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Mark Felt who played the role of a whistleblower and became familiar with the name "Deep Throat".

Mr Felt famously instructed The Washington Post's Bob Woodward to follow the money in order to expose the scandal that led to Nixon being forced to resign in 1974. Actor Tony Goldwyn plays the role of Ed Miller in the film.

Responding to a reporter asking about the actor's genre-selective retirement, Neeson laughed and said "It's not true, look at me!"

"Mark Felt was the answer to the biggest political mystery of our time and one of the greatest political heroes we've ever had", Landesman said. "That piece of history had been left out".

When asked about the current investigation, the United Kingdom actor said anyone who could, like Mr Felt, expose wrongdoing or corruption at the highest level would be a true patriot.

Neeson said that while he wasn't too aware of the Watergate scandal when he grew up in Ireland, he enjoys learning about history and read a lot about Felt, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the time period in preparation for the role.

Liam Neeson says he is "unretired" from action movies less than two weeks after reports surfaced that he was done with the genre. "You're talking in the past tense. Democracy was proven to work, and we have to keep reminding ourselves of that", Neeson said.

"I think that whoever that Mark Felt is who can feel comfortable with doing that, then they should do it and have reason to... a justification, of course", he told the Press Association on Tuesday.

  • Rogelio Becker