Toddler takes popcorn from Prince Harry

How would you react if someone were to steal your food?

Prince Harry has succumbed to nibble burglary because of a sly young lady.

Subsequently, Harry realised what was going on and he reacted in a heart-warming and mischievous way - he offered the little girl one popcorn piece. She somehow managed to take a handful of it and thrust it down her mouth without the prince's knowledge.

Prince Harry reacts after discovering 2-year-old Emily Henson has been stealing his popcorn.

A clip of a brief serendipitous encounter between Britain's Prince Harry and a toddler is wooing everyone. He even fed her some popcorn.

Will you dare to steal prince Harry's popcorn? This little girl did | Video
Prince Harry playfully pulls his bucket of popcorn away from the toddler

When Prince Harry finally noticed, he jokingly pulled away the popcorn box, smiling at the toddler before handing it back to her. Indeed a moment she will grow up to cherish!

Harry last visited the Honeymoon Capital in 1991 along with his late mother Princess Diana and his brother Prince William. Serving two tours in Afghanistan, Prince Harry eventually rose to the rank of captain and found that, despite his title, he still felt powerless when he went on missions to save lives.

The towheaded pilferer is named Emily, and she's the daughter of Hayley Henson, whose husband Dave Henson competed in the first games.

England defeated Denmark at volleyball, but this interaction officially wins.

  • Kyle Peterson