Where To Buy the SNES Classic

As predicted, it still was not enough to satisfy demand and not everyone got a SNES Classic today.

Nintendo released a miniature version of its first household games console in November past year and it sold out nearly immediately.

Nintendo is re-releasing The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES. Less than 24 hours after the official release of its sequel miniature console, users have found that Hakchi2 also works with the SNES Classic.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to buy classic Nintendo games piecemeal on my Switch, but I'm not sure it's coming anytime soon. When attempting to use the NES Classic kernel with the SNES Classic, they report that "nothing happens - the power light just blinks, then reverts back to the SNES kernel with no issues".

Similar to the NES Classic Edition, graphics are pixelated and gritty. The Tracker in stock alerts arenow also available on Twitter. Recognizing how massively popular this sleek console had become, the company said it would ship more SNES Classics through 2018.


The first gamers in line had spent the night in front of the retail store, having waited since 8 p.m. Thursday for the store's 10 a.m. Friday opening.

The SNES Classic Mini will feature 21 games.

The launch day for the Super NES Classic Edition is here, but if you're reading this you may be turning to the second-hand market for a console as the sales are happening fast!

Getting your hands on last year's NES classic was next to impossible. "At this time, we have nothing to announce regarding any possible shipments beyond this year". You had to buy a second separately for the NES Classic Mini. It doesn't seem likely here, but here's the link to the landing page just in case they happen to get more.

  • Joey Payne