Louisiana sends emergency response teams to Puerto Rico

In a series of tweets sent while Trump was visiting his New Jersey golf resort, the president criticized Yulín Cruz for "not being able to get workers help" and he applauded the federal workers on the island for their efforts.

'The military and first responders, despite no electric, roads, phones etc., have done an unbelievable job.

With thousands of cargo containers filled with necessary supplies that have arrived at a port in San Juan not yet distributed, Rossello told reporters Saturday that his government will purchase some of the crates to make sure they get to those in need across Puerto Rico. "We want them to be safe and sound and secure and we will be there every day until that happens".

"I have been patient", she said Friday afternoon (video below).

President Trump has been weirdly sunny in his outlook, telling reporters on Friday that "it's been incredible, the results we've had with respect to loss of life".

Trump's latest missive could further inflame sentiment after he had earlier weighed in on the emerging fight over how to finance the already debt-stricken territory's recovery -comments that were viewed as premature and distasteful by some.

Trump said he will travel to Puerto Rico on Tuesday. Puerto Rico was totally destroyed'.

He said the few people who have signal are "posting insane stuff" on Facebook, and "those of us here on the mainland are going nuts trying to find ways to send help".

President Donald Trump indicated on Friday that the exact mechanism for financing Puerto Rico's recovery from Hurricane Maria remains to be determined.

The post follows others shared by the Diamonds hit-maker in recent days directly to the president, as she continues to try to raise awareness of the current crisis.

Rihanna on Thursday shared an image with the president of the New York Daily News's September 27 front page which read, "No food, no water, no power, no medical care for the dying ..."

"We're replaying a scene from Katrina in deploying the Department of Defense in helping the people of Puerto Rico", Honore said in an interview with NPR.

Acting Homeland Secretary Elaine Duke used the phrase Thursday on the White House driveway, saying the federal response to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria is "a good news story" and adding that "the relief effort is under control".

He said the Trump administration had focused more on making a good impression on members of the media gathered at San Juan's convention center than bringing aid to rural Puerto Rico.

Trump criticized San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz on Twitter Saturday morning after Cruz gave an emotional press conference asking for aid amid what she called the Trump administration's "inefficiency".

  • Rogelio Becker