'Let's Make a Deal' host Monty Hall has died aged 96

Let's Make a Deal had its premiere in late 1963 and, with some interruptions, has been a television phenomenon ever since.

Hall was born Maurice Halperin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on August 25, 1921. It has been reported that Hall appeared in over 4,500 episodes of the hit game show.

A daughter, Joanna Gleason, confirmed his death. By 1946, he was working as a radio announcer, and he soon moved on to TV shows - children's shows like "Cowboy Theater", game shows including "Bingo at Home" and even the news magazine "Monitor". Hall also made appearances on TV shows including "That '70s Show" and "Good Morning America".

Hall hosted the show for nearly all of its 5,000 episodes that aired on NBC & ABC. His daughter, Sharon Hall, said, "He was the greatest father on the planet. he was the dad who called every single night to see how your day was and never exhausted of hearing the details".

In fact, the term "Come on down" was given new meaning thanks to Hall.

"It was much more exciting than the first 20 minutes of the show", he recalled. #montyhallWinnipeg's ambassador in Hollywood, @umanitoba alumni & host of "Let's Make a Deal" has left our stage.

"Let's Make a Deal" became a part of American pop culture, with Hall one of the most recognizable stars on TV. In the end, Monty Hall said that he wanted to be remembered for helping people rather than his celebrity status.

"When you've been that sick, spent a year out of school, you identify with people who have these ailments and sicknesses", he told the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post in a 2003 interview.

Using his wealth and fame to help others, he raised millions for charity over his lifetime, saying "when you grow up poor, you identify with people in need".

Hall was also well known for his philanthropy and was honored by the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Variety Clubs International, according to IMDB.

In 1947, Hall married his wife, Marilyn, who became an Emmy Award-winning producer. She died earlier this year.

He is survived by two daughters, a son, a brother and 5 grandchildren.

  • Kyle Peterson