Democrat with Puerto Rico ties: Trump response 'disgraceful'

Democrat with Puerto Rico ties: Trump response 'disgraceful'


Critics say the White House has been slow to respond and is portraying the situation in Puerto Rico as better than it really is. He has even talked about how Puerto Rico might be made to repay the cost of its recovery.

Trump tweeted after Cruz criticized the White House's response to Maria's disastrous impact on the United States commonwealth. The company has employees on the ground to install them and is working with local organizations to identify locations.

In an interview with Reuters on Saturday, Rossello said: "I'm not paying attention to social media", adding "my only focus right now is to make sure the people of Puerto Rico are well". "What he's doing is what every good leader does, is looking on the horizon for decisions that will come over the next three, four weeks and the next three, four months".

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico 10 days ago, killing at least 16 people.

Trump, who was scheduled to visit next week, addressed the situation on Friday before a speech in Washington about his new tax plan. Vital supplies like food and drinking water are stuck in ports and warehouses because of logistical breakdowns, almost half of the island is still in the dark and 90 percent of cell service is still down.

The mayor, who has appeared regularly on USA cable news programs, was particularly pointed in rejecting a statement by acting Homeland Security secretary, Elaine Duke, who had called the government's response "a good news story in terms of our ability to reach people and the limited number of deaths that have taken place". "We are using air support when we can't get through. We have expanded greatly; probably 90 percent of the island is accessible now".

Earlier today, San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz also slammed the administration after Trump's acting Homeland Security Secretary, Elaine Duke, said the federal response has turned the crisis into "a good news story". This is "there's a truckload of stuff that can not be taken to people" story.

The good news is that those efforts are coming out of Randolph and two other locations, however there was a sendoff celebration for this semi headed to Florida on Saturday.

Asked specifically by reporters for her reaction to the mayor's rebuke of her "good news story" comments, Duke said she was referring to how well everyone is working together. I'm sorry but that upsets me. I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying, Carmen Yulín Cruz said on Friday.

"Massive food & water delivered", Trump said. There are 77 other towns that are waiting anxiously and will be very grateful to you and to the American people if you continue to step up to the moral imperative that you have taken on all over the world to help those in need.

"Again, Mr. Trump, we appreciate everything you are doing and we know it can be done faster", Cruz said. Puerto Rico's governor and other U.S. officials had argued that a waiver would expedite the shipping of supplies to the island.

"We're literally starting from scratch".

"There's not a single trailer from FEMA or from response operations that are being held", said Alex de la Campa, the agency's Caribbean-area division director.

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