Las Vegas shooter reportedly wired $100K to Philippines

Paddock was indicted in 1960 on three counts of robbing Phoenix branches of Valley National Bank, the Arizona Republic reported on October 6 that year.

Las Vegas Police said they would next provide an update on the investigation at 1 p.m. PT (1900 GMT).

Two Nevada gun shops have confirmed that they sold firearms to Paddock in the past year and said he passed all required background checks.

When the final verdict in Paddock's legal saga came in, and Circuit Judge George Woodrich chose to let him off with a $100,000 fine and no jail time. Paddock was arrested shortly thereafter; a search of his vehicle turned up a loaded.38 snub-nose revolver, a blackjack, and about $3,000 in cash. At the time he was living in Tucson, Ariz., with his wife and four kids.

Two prior accusations of bank robberies surrounded Benjamin Paddock but were dropped in court. He had severed eight years of his 20-year sentence.

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Looking back at what he heard, Bethel said he heard Paddock switch weapons as he was reporting what he heard to law enforcement.

Cops admitted they were not yet sure of the Vegas gunman's motives, with Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo telling reporters: "We have no idea what his belief system was - I can't get into the mind of a psychopath". Paddock remained on the most-wanted list until 1977.

Bruce Ericksen has a lengthy criminal history. He was removed from the list in 1977 and captured the following year in OR, where he was running a bingo parlor under the alias Bruce W. Ericksen. Describing its subject as "a con man who loved to stick his pudgy thumb in the eye of authority", the obit reported that in the wake of his apprehension in Oregon, Paddock was paroled by federal authorities after just one year away. In 1987, the state attorney general charged him with civil racketeering in connection with the bingo parlor, but a judge let him off with a $100,000 fine.

Paddock, 64 at the time of Sunday's shooting, grew up to become a successful real estate investor who owned a number of apartments and houses, according to his brother Eric Paddock.

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