Trump Arrives in Las Vegas in Wake of Mass Shooting

"A grateful nation thanks you", Trump concluded, adding that the bravery on display Sunday night should inspire the country to "show more love for the people who grace our lives".

He has ordered for American flags at the White House and at public buildings nationwide to be flown at half mast.

The president also visited a local police station, where he met with law enforcement officers who had responded to the active shooter.

Paddock, 64, fired his weapons at a Las Vegas concert Sunday night, killing 59 people and wounding over 500 more.

In a CNN town hall meeting, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke via satellite to the husband and daughter of a woman who died in Sunday's shooting in Las Vegas and made them a promise on gun control.

An ATF official said they found 23 guns in the Las Vegas shooter's hotel room; 12 of those firearms with bump stocks attached.

A Southern California man, who was shot in the Las Vegas massacre, stood up to greet President Donald Trump when he visited him in the hospital - despite a gunshot wound in his leg.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump tweeted that he would be landing in Las Vegas "to pay my respects" with the first lady: "Everyone remains in our thoughts and prayers". The president says those details will be announced at "an appropriate time".

Boarding a helicopter to the Nevada city, Mr Trump told reporters the shooting was a "very sad thing". "We won't talk about that", said Trump. He also tried to console the country, saying "our unity can not be shattered by evil, our bonds can not be broken by violence".

On Tuesday, Trump had described Paddock as sick and demented.

He said that when Stephen Paddock first started shooting at the crowd, he thought the gunfire was a speaker malfunction or firecrackers.

"This guy looks tough to me", the Presidents said, and asked him how he was doing.

President Donald Trump steps off Air Force One in Las Vegas. While essentially patting himself and his team on the back, Trump also managed to issue what many perceived to be a callous attack on Puerto Rico's troubled and debt-ridden economy at a moment when many islanders were simply struggling to survive.

  • Rogelio Becker