Dianne Feinstein, oldest U.S. senator, announces reelection bid

Dianne Feinstein, the U.S. Senate's oldest member, tweeted this morning that she is running for reelection, ending the "will-she-or-won't-she" parlor game that has riveted California politics for months.

Moulitsas was not the only left-leaning journalist to castigate Feinstein on Twitter shortly after she announced her 2018 Senate bid. In a post on Facebook she writes, "I'm immensely proud of my service in the Senate and all I've done to help the people of California and the nation. I'm all in!" Feinstein tweeted.

Feinstein is a centrist Democrat and the oldest current senator at 84 years old, and could face a challenge from the left, though none have emerged yet.

Ahead of her decision, several House Democrats from California, including Reps. "Right now we're seeing one president change actions of a - of a president that came before him, and that would happen in this area".

The mere implication that Trump could be a "good president" drew the ire of state Senate president Kevin de León, whose recent two-day trip to Washington was seen as laying the groundwork for a potential Senate run. "Let's beat the most pro-Trump Blue-state Dem in the country!" The survey found that just 41 percent of adults say she should run for a sixth term and that only 43 percent of likely voters believe the senator should seek another term.

Feinstein's California colleague, Sen. "What Californians get from Dianne is someone who sticks to her principles and achieves results regardless of powerful opponents, from the assault weapons ban to the Central Intelligence Agency torture report".

Asked about a poll that half of California voters don't think she should run, she added: "Oh look".

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, meanwhile, plans to host a fundraiser for Feinstein's re-election campaign, the Los Angeles Times reported last week.

  • Rogelio Becker