FILES Season 11 Trailer Teases a Dark Alliance and a New Quest

During the New York Comic Con panel for The X-Files, Gillian Anderson revealed that Season 11 will be her last and she chose to do this season "because it felt like it wasn't over".

Intriguing images to be sure.

The trailer also offers a quick glimpse of Barbara Hershey as the mysterious Erika Price, a new power player representing a shadowy cabal.

At the beginning of the season, it looks like Mulder and Scully will trade places from where we last left off, with Scully bed-ridden and ill while Mulder scrambles to find her a cure. And with star Gillian Anderson announcing her exit after season 11, it may also be the show's final season. The tenth season ran for six episodes, but season 11 has been extended to 10 episodes.

Elsewhere, there's a martian on an operating table, an appearance by one of the presumed dead Lone Gunmen, and clips of Scully desperately searching for her and Mulder's son William, long since given up for adoption.

Reducing 10 seasons of a show with as many narrative arcs and threads as The X-Files into a single post when the trailer for the show's new season is equally elusive is no easy feat. Luckily, Dana Scully tells him that she has discovered a cure and is ready to help him so they can look for their son William together.

After a comeback moving but much too short to really be appreciated, X-Files is facing today in what is probably his greatest challenge: to continue an adventure pending since 20 years.

Pileggi, who hadn't worked with Morgan before his season 11 episode, added that Morgan kept telling him to deliver a line "bigger", despite Skinner's usual deadpan reserve. The hour will be directed by Carol Baker, and the script was penned by Gabe Rotter, a onetime X-Files writers' assistant.

The X-Files returns in early 2018 on Fox.

  • Kyle Peterson