Sanderling offering free massages to breast cancer sufferers and survivors

The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) test will originally be accessible for patients having tests at St Mary's Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester for BRCA1 and 2 gene mutations, with the family account of breast cancer.

Among the surveyed women, 62 percent underwent lumpectomy to remove their tumors, 16 percent had unilateral mastectomy (8 percent with reconstruction), and 23 percent had bilateral mastectomy (19 percent with reconstruction). The test on blood or saliva considers 18 genetic variants known to infect the prospect of developing breast cancer.

The study's findings also revealed that women who underwent bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction had almost eight times the risk of missing over a month of work, as compared with those who underwent lumpectomy. The day will involve pictures, memories and stories of women and men who have been impacted by breast cancer.

More recently, more sophisticated targeted treatments are being used to treat cancer that has spread beyond the breast. "If you do have cancer, the sooner it's found, the more likely it is to be successfully treated".

"Many of the women who are considering more aggressive surgery tell me that they are considering this because they want to make sure they will be there for those who depend on them, both at home and at work", Jagsi said by email. Most (84 percent) worked full time before diagnosis.

Numerous women who had originally been classified by doctors as being in the high-risk category were subsequently reclassified to a lower risk category - where preventative breast-removal surgery is not recommended. BRCA for the record, has been christened the "Angelina Jolie Gene", when she revealed that she had gone through breast cancer surgery. "This drastically affects the survival rate and treatment options for the patients".

When people age, the risk of cancer too increases. "Patients need to understand how their choices may influence their employment, and patients need assistance to help ensure their treatment choices are truly shared decisions that weigh the potential employment impact of given treatment options".

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